When working on the denim project, my classmates started asking if I had any idea for the unit 7 project. Most people had the idea and I was struggling to find something really interesting. 


It was on Sunday 20th January when I clicked. I was deconstructing denim while listening to classic music. When I listened The Vivaldi's Four Seasons by wooden instruments, suddently the image of my violinist friend Javi playing this piece came to my mind and also his Facebook profile picture of he dressed as a modern violinist. 

Javier Albort is one of the most inspiring people I know. He is gifted with creativity and he has been always an original soul. I've been always had a crush on his personality as he's mentally quick, imaginative and funny.  I inmediatelly called him to ask if I could do my project about him and he was flattered by the idea; he told me that he was feeling like model Bimba Bose (David Delfin's muse) and out of a sudden he told me that he wants to get married wearing a white gown from designer David Delfin but after the designer's death in 2017 he might change idea and wear a Victoria Banser instead.

  • His words and himself are always so inspiring and I thought about the idea of a wedding gown for Javi, but not for a marriage with a human, instead, for a marriage with the love of his life: the music. 
  • Javi doesn't know that I hate the idea of designing under my name; 1SLF (ONESELF) is the name I want to use to design as I don't want people to wear myself, I want people to represent their individuality when wearing my designs. 


I just realised that the last touch in my last 3 projects were the incorporation to the research of real people (muses);

  • For the Neighbourhood, Colour and Structure project I was inspired by philosophy and religion and the idea of being free from stereotypes and embrace instead diversity and multi-cultures. A colourful approach was the representation of diversity in my mind and my colourful Chinese classmate Tong perfectly represents this idea. 
  • For the Denim project, I was making delicate textiles samples and I needed a delicate boy and cha with denim and Charlie's aesthetic with his beauty face and blond hair represents a perfect delicate navy prince. 
  • For the Lanyard project I was inspired by my own experiences and myself was the muse.

 muse /mjuːz/noun

  1. (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.

  2. a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

A fashion muse is the source of inspiration for a designer. They are important because they inspire the designer’s creativity and their appearance strengthen the aesthetic results.



Javier Albort is a violinist professor of the Suzuki method, which is a teaching philosophy created in the 20s by Japanese violist and pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki. Suzuki based his approach on the belief that “Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability, just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. The potential of every child is unlimited.” Dr. Suzuki’s goal was not simply to develop professional musicians, but to nurture loving human beings and help develop each child’s character through the study of music.

Javier teaches throughout a Japanese method and I'm personally obsessed with Japan and the kimono trousers/skort/skirt for men combined with a deconstructed suit jacket really blows my mind away. 



The Suzuki method was born in the 20s, my favourite decade from the 20th century. Freedom is the word that represents this period of time. I would say that the creative spot of the era was Paris and the collaborative spirit within different artist led to fascinating collaborations, bromances and platonic love affairs that inspired the following generations: 

  • 30s: Elsa Schiaparelli (fashion)       /      Salvador Dalí (painter and sculptor)
  • 1949: Pablo Picasso (painter and sculptor)       /       Gjon Mili (photographer)
  • 80s:  Andy Warhol (painter)       /       Jean-Michel Basquiat (painter)
  • 2019:   Dior (Maria Grazia Chiuri) (fashion)      / Lina Johansson (choreographer of the London-based Mimbre theatre group) 

There are multiple fashion designers that have taken inspiration from artist like Burberry with Christopher Bailey and  sculptor Henry Moore in 2017 or Yves Saint Laurent and The Mondrian Collection in 1965. But I am talking about the collaboration hand by hand of two or more creative people. 

Definitely, a collaboration with Javi as violinist and muse and myself as designer might be a pure synergy. 



I met Javier in an after-school music club when we were kids. I chose piano and he chose violin. I loved piano and I enjoyed learning music because my teacher was incredible. After few years having the same instructor, she got pregnant and a man replaced her. I stopped enjoying piano because I felt intimidated by my new instructor and I stopped learning music abruptly. The importance of the environment and educators are key aspects when learning a discipline. 

These days, I live attached to my beat headphones because I can't do anything without music. My music preferences are really extreme: from rap or r&b to classic. The deep beats of r&b's base keep me going when I am tired and the rhythm of classic music makes me focus in what I am doing. 


I could be a professional pianist but due to my instructor I stopped that journey. Teachers are muses because lead student's lives.

There are incredible professionals that are the very best in their discipline but then, when teaching, they don't know how to translate their knowledge to students. Teaching is definitely and art that requires multiple abilities.

When preparing my portfolio to apply to Foundation, I enrolled in different short courses at CSM. One of my favourites was Pattermaking due to the tutor Maddalena Amato was incredible; she was able to explain the importance of a good patternmaking for a well constructed garment and how it can make a big difference. Pattern cutting isn't an easy discipline to learn but Maddalena was making it very easy to understand.  I wanted to take my learning in pattern cutting further but the advanced CSM courses didn't adapt to my working agenda. I enrolled in Morley College but after a month I decided to drop off the course because what I loved the most at CSM I was starting to dislike. The reason behind my disappointment was not only the tutor (who was unable to translate her knowledge) but also de environment. CSM is the hub of creativity, you can breath art in every single corner and this really stretches your creativity and motivation.

Tuesday 12/2/2019

I can't stop thinking about adding colour to this project. I want to reflect Javi's personality and I see him as a very colourful person but I know his desire is to "get married" wearing white. As I want to please both,  I'm thinking about making two garments: one white for the "ceremony" and other colourful for "the after party". Everything is really conceptual, but taking traditional wedding aspects. For the party garment, I'm thinking about up-cycling denim trousers to make a jacket and add some colourful prints. 

Wednesday 13/2/2019


I'm really disappointed when fashion creative designers gain a celebrity fame and they become untouchable. I get the point that they are the creative force but they have a huge team behind them that make their ideas a tangable reality. 

I saw few days ago several Iris Van Herper's documentaries. I was already in love with her work but I absolutely felt for her personality.  Van Herper was talking about how collaborations has made and are making her work stronger. When she had the ideas but not the technology or resources, collaborations made her ideas tangible. Van Herper was also talking about how she likes to create with her hands and how sometimes that is the point of start and not a sketch. I was really pleased to hear this as I like to develop textile swatches that might inspire further garment development. Not working in the order that most people spect you to do it doesn't mean that you are doing wrong, it's just different. 

Once more, I want to extoll the idea of synergies in this project  and make a reality my idea of designing under 1SLF "ONESELF" and never under my name.

Thursday 14/1/2019


My partner from the Neighbourhood project was Jessie and I had to share the brief for unit 7 with her. We ended up  doing a group feedback, which is nothing but better as it creates synergies. They told me to open my mind beyond a white final outcome (which I already did and reflected). Jessie told me to pay attention to the body parts that are needed to play violin, which is the most interesting aspect that I am taking from the feedback session. Jessie also told me to draw Javier live and take inspiration from his physical appearance. 


Chris asked to the lady from Feminist Internet if they are monetising their activity. This made my think how I can put my unit 7 project online and also monetise it. I can create an online business parallel to this project for a future development. I've got the branding already created and it might not be really tough. However, I was thinking about the prize of my unit 7 final outcome and that it might end up being priceless for me; if I divide the fees of this course, unit 7 takes around 3 months out of 9 and the materials I am going to need, the time and passion set on it will make for me impossible to set a price. 


Javier is a forward-thinking person but his passion is to play a really classic instrument. Javier is a fashion lover and the photo of himself wearing a classic morning coat with trainers really fascinates me he was able to extrapolate his personality into his aesthetic. I think I should take this approach of classic and modern to experiment with fabric. I can take an old technique such as Goldwork embellishment with more modern materials as plastic or latex. 


I was thinking that for Javier and myself, our hands are extremely important as we use them to reach our love for music and fashion. Javier won't be able to play violin without his hands and I won't be able to experiment with fabric without my hands. I think I should extol in the project the body parts that we use to reach our love for our passions. I'd say that Javi's neck, arms and hands are key but watching videos of Javier teaching, I realised that to have a balanced body in an standing position is what makes the difference in the sound of the violin.  

Friday 15/2/2019


Javier and I were born in the same year and in the same village. We studied in different schools but we met in a music club. In our teenagerhood,  we reunited in a Catholic School, in preparation for Confirmation. Once more, we wanted to continue our catholic journey due to our tutor was a young beautiful human being. Rosa, our teacher carefully prepared our lessons in a modern approach and she even invited us for sleep overs in her cottage. She created the feeling of community and friendship within a group of teenagers studying in different schools. Then, our passions made us moved to different cities. I'd say that social media is the instrument that has keep and is keeping our friendship alive. 


I always felt a bit bullied in the village I was born due to my way of thinking. Javier didn't let his homosexuality out until his adulthood. In his childhood, people called him "Javier the barbie" and lots of mockery were made about this. Our personalities were repressed somehow due to our environment.

I was talking yesterday to Javier (as it was St. Valentin's day) about how we don't have time for romantic relationships as our relationship status is committed to ourselves and our passions. The child suffering is in our background and that let us fight in our adulthood to be who we really want to be and set our heart on it.  As childhood plays an important role in how we behave as an adults, I'm going to illustrate in this project an adult Javier with his childhood physical identity: his blond hair with the mushroom haircut. 

Child vs. Adult


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