I was quite disappointed about having my interview on Jan 30th and not on Feb 4th but now I am quite happy because I have time to reflect and focus on the new project. 

1. Googling myself

To start this project, I googled my legal name and also my self made name. I am very disappointed about all the available information about my persona. I found the name of all the business for which I am the legal administrator. I felt very intimidated as I'm quite privative with myself. I'm vulnerable to the world, there are eyes everywhere that can see me. 

I tried to express this feeling by collaging with people's eyes. I joined them by skin colour acrylic paint and the result is quite creepy, but I'm glad that the collage is provoking this, as the idea of being spied is creepy itself. Then, I used Google colours to draw interconnected eyes, as this is how I see this searching tool.

I also made a Google Doodle where I'm seeing the online world through binoculars, which are the two "o". For the other letters I painted different devices used to analysed: a microscope, magnifying glass, spyglass and and eye. 


2. Facebook

Facebook is the tool I use to work communication. I barely upload or share post. My personal information (included birthday) is totally hidden for everyone. 

3. Instagram

I mostly use Instagram to see other people. My focus is on fashion and also puppies:

  • I follow many fashion brands, celebrities and Instagramers to basically keep updated with the trends.
  • I'm obsessed with Dalmatians since 1996. I get into a loop when watching videos of puppies, as they make me happy. 

I only uploaded 10 pictures in the last 4 years, so, instead of detoxing from social media, my experiment is going to be to upload and share more.  I uploaded 5 new pictures in 10 minutes. I barely used Instagram to share my CSM journey, so I took action and shared what I was doing. 

Instagram always suggests posts based on your records; I randomly went to check and I was surprised about how accurate it was regarding regarding my preferences: fashion and Dalmatians, my two biggest passions. I tried to express this by drawing a Dalmatian wearing human clothes.  

4. WhatsApp

I mostly use WhatsApp to communicate with my family via messages and audio calls. 

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is the media I use to research for inspiration. I have created different folders for every project. 

6. Youtube

I'm self-touch in many things and this is thanks to Youtube. My records are literally how to do arts and crafts. 

7. Bank App

 My salary is spent on:

  • Rent
  • Art materials
  • Grocery shopping
  • Utility bills
  • Transport




  • Archway shop
  • King's cross shop
  • CassArt (Angel) 

I screen shotted my bank records and collaged them with some paper receipts that I saved in the last week. Money flies and I expressed this by using a copy of a 20 pounds bill. As Queen Elisabeth II is on the note, I extended the bill recreating the dress and cape that the Queen wore in her coronation. As dress I used the shopping receipts and as a cape I used my bank records. I made the Queen fly with a pair of wings and she is also crying by threads because she's sad due to money flies. I added purple colour on both cape and dress, as this is the colour of a 20 pounds bills. 


  • Amazon: my most repeated order is ink for my HP printer. Ink is a luxury and online is a bit more affordable than in retail. I expressed this by collaging a picture of myself crying ink. By crying ink I want to represent that its expensiveness is painful and makes me cry. As garment, I used an Amazon Prime bubble envelope.  
  • Minerva Crafts 


Cooking is time consuming and I'm lately ordering Just Eat; it's a way to save time. 




As a conclusion, I can say that all my online behaviour spins around my biggest passion: fashion. It takes all my time, effort and money. I set my heart on this and my online footprint tells about it. 

Google doodle


World eyes watching


Google spy


Digital footprint


My Instagram suggestions: puppies and fashion


Cry ink


Money flies





Corporate Social Responsibility was a subject when studying International Trade in Paris. I had so many case studies of textile factories that collapsed due to poor labour conditions. 


Sustainability within the clothing industry concerns both the consumers who purchase more and faster and also the companies that create wastage of fabric.

I have to admit that I'm not very sustainable when developing my projects as it takes more time to be innovative while being eco-friendly. I've learnt throughout the Colour and Sculpture project that I can transport found materials and make something beautiful. This is something that I would like to explore more. 

I'm not going to switch to an entirely sustainable consumer behaviour overnight but I should be more responsible.

There are 4 mains aspects to tackle in the fashion and textile industry:

  1. Textile Waste
    • I translated this concern by drawing a pile of textile with different colours and mix media. 
  2. Dye water waste and contamination
    • The textile industry consumes a substantial amount of water in its manufacturing processes used mainly in the dyeing.
  3. Child Labour
    • This topic is the most difficult to tackle in my opinion; Through case studies of International Affaires I learnt that child labour in the fashion industry might avoid prostitution of girls and in other cases keeps them away from extreme hunger. 
  4. Animal Welfare
    • I follow a plant based diet (same as vegan) but I love to wear leather. Animal welfare in the fashion industry is a controversial topic for me; I respect people who eat meat and for me that is the same as wearing animal's skin.  



“Upcycling” is one of the concepts in Ethical Fashion.  It is different from “recycling”. Upcycling is a process to change over waste materials into new items.  By upcycling, waste materials will be upgraded into “new products of better quality or for better environmental value.” (Wikipedia, 2014)

Textile waste


Dye water waste and contamination


Child labour